24 July 2016

The Singularity of Kumiko

Earlier this year, artist Bryn Oh received a grant from the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) that funded in part the development of a 30-minute machinima on The Singularity of Kumiko, an immersive installation that first opened at Bryn's sim, Immersiva, in February 2014 (read here). After receiving the grant, Bryn rebuilt The Singularity of Kumiko (which had long since closed) for the purposes of making the machinima, and just today published the final result, shown below. In lauding the OAC's support, Bryn said, "I am really happy with them. They are pretty open minded as to what art can be."

The machinima isn't merely a documentation of the build — it stands alone as an outstanding artwork, adding many new layers to the original story, and serves as a premiere example of the possibilities of inworld filmmaking. The Singularity of Kumiko — the immersive build rather than the machinima — can still be visited for about another month (this build differs slightly from the original displayed in early 2014), when Bryn will remove it to begin construction of something new — teleport here.