17 July 2016

The last harbor

Artist Giovanna Cerise, whose works have been mentioned many times in this blog and have been featured at many Second Life venues, has recently opened a permanent location for the display of her creations, an outdoor gallery space entitled The last harbor. Roughly a couple dozen artworks are displayed in a beautiful setting along a long stretch of land that borders the sea, allowing the viewer to study many of the objects with only the sky as background.

Generally, Giovanna has selected items that would fit admirably into a small sculpture park or personal gallery space, and has included both two- and three-dimensional creations. Her works vary considerably in style, ranging from immersive environments to what might pass for wall drawings, and most are clearly imbued with some sort of mathematical structure or design.

Visitors can venture through a set of arches to reach a seashore along the eastern edge of the parcel, where a cozy, sandy area awaits that includes places for solace or for couples to relax. Several additional works are situated along the beach. For the collector, each of the items is available for purchase.