13 May 2014

France Portnawak

Get ready to don your life jackets at France Portnawak, the site of the enormous TitaNawak, which has slammed into an iceberg and is already listing heavily to starboard. There's no telling how much time the ship has left, so don't hesitate to explore its four decks, all of which will have you feeling a little disoriented. A few objects here and there have already tipped over, but you can still enjoy artwork, the game room, the various chambers (care for a bath in a vintage tub? or maybe cuddle with a lover on a bed as the ship goes down?), and an extensive collection of Titanic memorabilia.

Surrounding the ship is a sea of frigid water and the tips of icebergs. Debris floats here and there — upturned lifeboats, crates and a few pieces of artwork — while on the icebergs themselves are additional abandoned items and also places to sit and enjoy the view, so that you can watch the ship go down in style. (You can dance, and there's even a piano if you'd care to serenade your companions.) Do watch out for polar bears and sharks.

I gather there are events here from time to time, and the crazily titled floor must be a thoroughly enjoyable place for dancing. It looks as though France Portnawak gets rebuilt every now and then, so don't delay too long before paying a visit. A few gifts are available at the landing point, and a little shopping area — with a mix of jewelry to whacky items — is located on one of the upper decks.

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