08 May 2014

Melusina Parkin: Themes

Opening tomorrow, Friday, May 9 at 2 pm slt at The Nite's Place Red Line Exposition Area, curated by Simonh Sandial, is a substantial exhibition of works by Melusina Parkin entitled Themes. She has divided the 42 images into six thematic groupings: details, solitudes, industry, landscapes, minimal and urban, each of which receives its own viewing area. As always with Melusina's work, her careful eye guides us to look more closely at the world around us, focusing on line, light and color. While some sets are, as their names suggest, more minimal, others, such as industry or urban, embrace comparatively busy textures.

"I can never get tired of exploring Second Life," says Melusina. "For more than 5 years of virtual visits and photographs I refined my eye and I learned to choose subjects according to themes ... The aims of my photographer's work are always the same: showing how fantasy and skills of SL residents made a world that reflects the main features of the natural or human environment's common imagery; witnessing how landscapes or details or buildings recall feelings deep rooted into our souls and minds."

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