26 May 2014

Mad City

I've posted a few times over the past year about events at Mad City, assembled by MadPea Productions, but never about the sim itself. And it's now time to pay it one last visit, as this lovely urban creation — areas of which are soaked in a drenching rainstorm — will close on May 31. It's nighttime here, and it's a lovely place to wander, either along the streets or through the central park — Crying Peacock Park — with a few shops lining the storefronts. As you explore, you might encounter two "escape room" on the sim, as MadPea is famous for its puzzles, and you'll have to solve the logical puzzles in them to extricate yourself.

True to form, an event is taking place right now: the MadPea Gacha Art Festival, centered in the park (I've used that as a landing point), with items on the cheap (but you have to play to get those rares!) from Harter Fall, paramparamm Papp, RAG Randt, Sabbian Paine, Alia Baroque, Thea Maiman, Quinn Reinerman, Ole Etzel, Fuschia Nightfire, Moeuhane Sandalwood, and Eupalinos Ugajin. (Plus, there are free MadPea avatars and outfits located near the stage.) And, on Saturday, May 31 from 1 to 3 pm slt, the entire city will be demolished during 20,000 Peas Under the Sea: "After 1.5 years of hard rain, Mad City is flooded. Will Peas sink or float?" — it promises to be something not to miss. The Peas will return with gusto for the opening of the much-anticipated Unia in the near future.

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