06 May 2014

The Trace

Waves gently lap the shores of the tidal wetlands on the western edge of The Trace, where the sand invites us to wiggle our toes and the horizon invites us to gaze in every direction. This scene greets us as we arrive at the new home of The Trace, now on its own sim, created and owned by Kylie Jaxxon. (I wrote about The Trace's previous incarnation here). The wetlands, one of the prominent features of the sim, extend broadly to cover about a third of the land, and they're exquisitely rendered.

Overlooking the sandy wetlands from the north is a cluster of five waterfront cottages in pastel hues, their foundations raised up on stilts, while to the south stands a quaint hexagonal lighthouse as well as a beach house, looking ready to lend you a small craft for leisurely rowing. Several of the structures are charmingly furnished, appointed with maritime and beach paraphernalia. Further to the east, the land's elevation increases, and we encounter a curious and lovely setting — a stone turret building adjoined to a garden area with seating (image immediately above). And to the north, we spy a birdwatcher nest that looks out over the water, with seagulls and pelicans nearby (image below).

The Trace has a history of changing with the seasons. Even so, I hope we'll be able to hang on to this sumptuous build a little longer than usual — it's sure to be a favorite place for anyone wanting to wander in solace, for photographers, and for anyone who yearns for a quiet natural setting. If you're looking for a spot to leave a tip, head to the lighthouse and then wander down the wooden path to the rusted trash can. And make sure to bring your camera when you visit.


  1. Absolutely lovely!! Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures and kind words :)

  2. Lovely pictures... is the water sailable?

  3. Thank you, Kylie, for your great sim! I've returned more than once to enjoy it.

    Thanks, Noodle. You can rez there, so sailing is worth a try!