28 May 2014

Group Exhibition at la Maison d'Aneli

Now open at la Maison d'Aneli, owned and curated by Aneli Abeyante, is a group exhibition featuring works by Lisisme Dubrovna, Cullum Writer, Rage Darkstone, Barry Richez, Ronda Saunders and Nino Vichan, and those by the last three artists stand out in particular. Barry Richez's work, Quantum (top image), had been previously exhibited as part of the UWA Challenge in 2013, winning fifth prize, but is more suitably presented here in its own room. It's a beautiful work, dark but glowing, that plays on the intersection of mathematics, physics and spirituality.

Nino Vichan's The Music of Our Better Angels (middle image) is a gorgeously presented work — I couldn't help but love the floor itself. "The subject of this collection deals with the classic dichotomy of the human consciousness which is manifest in much of our literature, art and society in general," says Nino. "On one side we see the ugliness, cruelty and evil that mankind is capable of, and on the other side we see the exquisite beauty, kindness and goodness of which we are also capable." The wall text, which speaks to issues ranging from slavery to torture, is contrasted by Renaissance-influenced images with airs of innocence.

Roni Saunders's installation, A metaphysical guide to post-Nietzschean philately (lowest image), features six large photographs that at first glance might seem erotic, but might seem more disturbing than erotic on closer examination: while the forms are nude and the content is sexually suggestive, the sensation quickly fades. "You could say she's clowning around in a psychically disturbed philosophical circus," said my friend Dividni Shostakovich as we explored her works.

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