31 May 2014

Chaotic Parade

Now open and continuing through June 30 at LEA19 is Hyakki Yagyou - Chaotic Parade, curated by Yooma Mayo, a delightfully fantastic and jumbled installation based on the mythology of Japanese Yōkai, or supernatural monsters. Yōkai take many forms — for example, a Basan is a large fire-breathing chicken monster, and a Mikaribaba is a one-eyed old woman — and have been depicted in Japanese art for centuries.

For this installation, Yooma invited the participation of twenty-four friends and colleagues, many of whom are active on the magnificent Kowloon sim, and they've created a parade of Yōkai that twists about in the sky. As artist claudia222 Jewell and I talked about the display, she, with some familiarity on the subject matter, was able to point out several specific Yōkai, but many others are fanciful new creations. Quite a few of the items are set so that you can take copies of them, so you can create your own miniature Chaotic Parade. [Update: Yooma informs me that some permissions were set incorrectly, and that items weren't intended to be copyable.] Be sure to have your draw distance turned well up.

The participating artists, in addition to Yooma, include Anker Eidle, Azuki tammas, dagashi Horatio, Haruka McMahon, Lika Ruby, maikazu Twine, mIZuk, nekonuko nakamori, Provigny Rode, Rouki Furse, serialice Amat, WangRen Frog, yuk yuyian, Aslan Kish, chutoro radikal, Gien Guyot, imoimo shan, magnum yoshikawa, millette velde, Nap Mayo, Phi rosa, Raku Slade, Sandar Hax and taiko Namino, with special thanks extended to Lulue Triellis and the Kowloon sim, which helped support the installation.

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