01 June 2014

Pigeon Island

If you're in the mood for rustic exploration, consider a visit to Pigeon Island, created by Raein (Amelie Knelstrom). Your arrival will set you down in the ruins of a small house from which the remains of telephone wires extend into the water. But there are signs of habitation to be found — you'll spy a shack nearby, across a small body of water, in which are bicycles, a warm fire, a telescope and chairs, with sheep quietly grazing at its side.

Central to the island is a massive rocky outcrop, and it's possible to make your way up by locating a series of stone steps, and from there by following the edge. There's not much at the top other than two tourist binoculars, but they really work — just click on them to see a couple views. As you explore further, you'll find a waiting swing set, the wreck of a fishing boat and a campsite. It's a beautiful location for photography or strolling (although I was tempted to derender the sim surround, the textures of which seem pedestrian in comparison to those on the island).

Now, there's one more thing to see. At the landing point, you'll spot a door that invites you to Meaningless City, which lurks high overhead. In contrast to the poetic and pastoral landscape below, the city is one that time has forgotten — its derelict structures are dark, and trees and weeds have sprouted in the streets. Just be sure to note the location of the door at which you arrived so that you can exit to the island below. If you'd like to make a contribution in support of Pigeon Isle you can do so at the landing point.

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