10 June 2014

A Maze in Grace

"Labyrinths," begins Krystali Rabeni, "are arguably mankind's first creation borne purely of human imagination. Today, labyrinths and mazes cradle millennia of legend and folklore in their twisted articulations." She carries this history forward in her work A Maze in Grace, now on display at LEA6. It's a tranquil, poetic region that invites us to take our time, to go slowly, and to meditatively explore, weaving along and through the waters of a maze that covers nearly the entire surface of the sim, save for the landing point area and a nearby labyrinth. She adds, "The maze you see has no map, just as life has no map. It is not perfect, just as life is not perfect. Take your time as you wander along the watery path through the twists and turns until you reach the center where you will find a celestial labyrinth. Some will take the long path, some will take the short path through the maze but there is no rush, no race, no time, just you and your thoughts."

Our path takes alongside swans, little stacks of Zen rocks, lotus flowers, and quiet human figures sitting peacefully on the grass, their feet submerged in the gently moving waters. Although we wander, we can't help but notice the celestial labyrinth, constructed of tightly fitted stones that guide us to its center. If we look closely enough, and don't hurry ourselves, we might spot a lone koi swimming in the maze. "Many of the attributes of the koi symbolize several lessons and even trials individuals often encounter in life. The koi fish has a powerful and energetic life force, demonstrated by its ability to swim against currents and even travel upstream," says Krystali. She cites the qualities of the koi, wishing them on all visitors: good fortune, success, prosperity, longevity, courage, ambition and perseverance. A Maze in Grace will remain on display through the month of June.

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