13 June 2014


Opening today, Friday, June 13 at 1 pm slt, is Faith, an installation by Cherry Manga at Mysterious Wave, with terraforming and ground circles by Anley Piers. As is typical for Cherry, there's no artistic statement — she prefers to allow each visitor to interpret the work without her description coloring their experiences — but one will see immediately the iconography of many religions spread throughout the space — Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Shinto and others.

"I place all religions in the same pack," she said as we chatted about the space. "For me, they are all the same — questions and answers for people, and power for the leaders." One would hope, of course, historical evidence to the contrary, that religions might help people co-exist harmoniously, and the installation does try to suggest that possibility. "I made it harmonious like a mandala, because I don't judge too hard people who need to believe, but I have a harsh opinion about religions," she added.

These images depict Faith's environmental settings, a glowing yellow-orange, and I'd recommend using a viewer that permits you to see them. An opening concert planned for 1 pm today by Lisa Brune has been canceled because of illness, but at 2:30 pm Morlita Quan and SaveMe Oh are scheduled to perform. If you'd like to support the Mysterious Wave sim, there's a tip jar located at the landing point, as well as a teleport to the Mysterious Wave shop.

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