19 June 2014

Noble goes Dutch — "De Vesting"

The Isle of Noble, which undergoes periodic transformations at the hands of The Nobles — vondutch Sweetwater & aaliyahblossom Resident, a.k.a. Noah & Blossom Noble — has recently blossomed into a small Dutch town, De Vesting. I read with particular interest friend and blogger Caity Tobias's post about the build, featuring her usual lovely photographs — she herself is Dutch, and felt that design splendidly captured the essence of northern Holland. ("De Vesting," she notes, is Dutch for "fortress," and in that region are a number of well preserved fortresses, with walls surrounding the village, as happens here at the Isle of Noble.)

The centrally located village is lovely (although I must admit I struggled with a low frame rate as I explored). The Nobles say that music events will be held at the Begijnhof, with art and photography exhibitions at De Grote Markt (and it's even possible to rent one of the homes). It's all charming and exquisitely designed. But what struck me as truly spectacular is what lies outside the village: the fields that surround the walls, extending out as far as we can see.

We can't actually visit the fields — they're a brilliantly conceived and well executed sim extension — but they provide a breathtaking vista. The wind turbines that lazily turn in the distance, with their modern sleek and steel look, contrast vividly with the traditional windmill and lighthouse, the two other structures that thrust into the sky. Elsewhere on the sim are beachfronts, and a harbor area that greets one upon arrival. By joining the land group (L$150) you receive rez rights. Contributions to support the sim may be made at the landing point and other locations.


  1. Lovely post and pictures! Thanks for linking to me, although I didnt get a pingback (as is happening with blogs from blogspot lately I noticed, maybe the love between wordpress and blogspot is over....!).

  2. Thanks, Caity! Loved your blog post.