30 June 2014

LEA Artist in Residence Sims Granted Additional Month

The current round of Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) Artist in Residence (AiR) sims were scheduled to close today, June 30, but have been given an additional month of life before they're turned over for new artistic projects, so if you haven't explored them yet you'll now have until the end of July. A starting point for your exploration might be LEA3, which has been transformed into the LEA Welcome Area, and at which you can find teleport links to some — but inexplicably not all — of the LEA AiR sims, in addition to other information and various artworks on display. The twenty sims that have received the extension feature: (In some cases, the extra month is especially welcome, since it was never announced that certain sims were in fact "open" to begin with.) Artists interested in applying for sims for the next round of AiR grants, starting August 1, have until midnight tonight (slt time) to meet the deadline.


  1. I think not all the sim are present in Welcome Area because owners don't have rezzed the kiosk given by LEA

  2. Thanks for the clarification, cibigibi. (Still, I'm not sure that makes much sense!)

    You're welcome, Charolotte!