15 June 2014

The Green Mire

Ready for a mystery? Then embark for The Green Mire, the latest creation from MadPea Productions. It's a dark, swampy place, with solid ground here and there, bits of which are connected by wooden walkways elevated over the brackish water. Although it's a beautiful place to simply wander around, there's a puzzle to solve: ten years ago, two young boys, Tony Lamil and Skip Dares, entered The Green Mire and were never seen again. Can you help solve the mystery? Clues are sprinkled here and there around the sim.

During a recent and violent thunderstorm, residents around The Green Mire reported seeing strange lights and hearing odd sounds. A subsequent search of the area resulted in the discovery of a crater — with a peculiar glowing violet light (image below). PeaTV encourages everyone to join in a creative writing contest: send in your story about the mysterious crater, and win up to L$10,000! More information about the contest is available here on the MadPea blog.

With the closure of Mad City, The Green Mire also takes on the role of hosting the main MadPea store, located near the landing point. If you'd like to chip in to support MadPea — which needs sustained help as they finish their upcoming game, UNIA — you can leave a contribution near the store as well. The sim is a homestead and is often full (20 avatar maximum), so you may need to try more than once to enter.


  1. These pictures are so beautiful...it's hard to believe that they're not real.