28 June 2014

Gallery J

With all the hubbub about the ongoing festivities at SL11B (of which I have yet to write, but hope to soon), it's easy to miss other significant events happening around the grid. One is the Second Pride Festival, now, remarkably, in its 9th year in Second Life, and one destination to visit is Gallery J, coordinated by Joseph Nussbaum (a.k.a. Edward Nussbaum) on the sim Second Pride West. The festival continues only through tomorrow, Sunday, June 29, so it's a last chance to pass through not only the gallery but also the three sims. On display at Gallery J are two- and three-dimensional works by Tomais Ashdene, Masquerade Snowbear, Boris Twist, Nikolai Warden, Kendall Williams (Wolf Kendall), Joseph Nussbaum, Oberon Onmura, Bee Glasswing, Benjamin Glendale, Alpha Auer, Joa (Joaopedro Oh), Buck Mischief, Reuben Vale (Spanki Moulliez), Kicca Igaly and nessuno Myoo.

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