20 June 2014

Holtwaye ArtSpace

Opening tomorrow, Saturday, June 21, is a new and beautifully designed exhibition area, Holtwaye ArtSpace, curated by Holter and WayneNZ. The inaugural show features works by Fuschia Nightfire, Bryn Oh, Awesome Fallen, Tomais Ashdene, WayneNZ, JJ Goodman, Fordis Flores and ChuckMatrix Clip. Fushia's contribution is a media installation (so be sure to have streaming media turned on), Art of the Artist (a frame capture shown above, although the images are constantly changing), and from 11 am to 12 pm tomorrow she'll be presenting a performance in conjunction with the installation.

WayneNZ has contributed Unleashed, a selection of typographical artwork (above), while Bryn Oh is showing some standalone pieces from recent installations at Immersiva (including Imogen and her sewing machine, below). Chuck Matrix is presenting sculptures; Fordis Flores, JJ Goodman and WayneNZ have teamed together on the Insilico Collaborative Project (comic strip and photography); Awesome Fallen presents a series of photographs entitled El Principio (The Beginning); and Tomais Ashdene presents a series of photographs entitled Olio. Although Holter isn't presenting anything, he "is curating and sourced the artists for this opening," Wayne tells me. Opening events continue throughout the day on Saturday, and Sunday morning as well — click here for the full schedule, posted in the Holtwaye Facebook group.

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