18 June 2014


Opening now, Wednesday, June 18 at 3 pm slt, is Reflections, a new installation by Nino Vichan at Influence Art Gallery, curated by yvan Slade and MacKena Soothsayer. A master of particles, Nino has created a space in which we move through shimmering columns of gently pulsing and ever-changing lights, with a soundscape that adds to the immersive feel — "things I put together in a random sequence," he says, concerning the sounds. As we watch, we're given some text in open chat:
Sound waves possess frequency, wave shape and amplitude
Sound waves reflect off objects
Reflections of sound are the echoes we hear
Light waves possess all colors
Reflections off objects filter these light waves
These reflections are the colors we see

I remarked to Nino how "soft" these particles looked, and he replied, "Yes, they are soft with glow and textures too ... It's more of a floating dreamlike feeling to me ... There are a lot of parameters to control — you really are just confined by your imagination." When you arrive to see Reflections, you'll find yourself in a traditional gallery space — just teleport up to the display using the glowing golden orb in the center of the gallery. The gallery itself is exhibiting still images, also by Nino, taken of the ephemeral particle show above. If you'd like to make a contribution to support Influence Art Gallery, you can do so near the landing point.

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