17 June 2014

Amazon River

Recently, YT Recreant sent me an invitation to see the new region of Rio Grande, situated to the north of Glint (and further north still of Rio Tapajos). The three seamlessly interconnected sims form a large tropical rainforest through which the Amazon River glides, surrounded on both sides by lush vegetation and outposts. Glint, in the center, is a full sim, while Rio Grande and Rio Tapajos are homesteads, although one might be hard pressed to notice the transition.

It's possible to walk through great swaths of the land by foot (flying isn't allowed), but the ardent traveler might be interrupted from time to time by steep hillsides or wide bodies of water. Here and there along the banks of the river are opportunities to grab a small boat or kayak, which can be steered along the river through all the sims, and it's not a bad way to start an exploration. You'll pick up clues about things along the way — objects will speak to you, offering suggestions and information (for example, you might hear a whisper as you walk along, "To find the secrets within the mountain, search the chain that dangles nearby."). Be sure to visit the huge pyramid central to Rio Tapajos (top image). Glint is also home to the Temple of the Open Collar, so you might spot quite a few people hanging around that particular area.

It's fine to just wander about, but, if you're interested in a more immersive experience, that's available as well. All three sims are rated adult, and specific roles can be had for those who enjoy roleplay: Raider (with a nod toward capture roleplay (CaRP) as a predator (suggested attire: "think of Indiana Jones or Lara Croft")), Lost (CaRP as prey — possibly you arrived in a shipwreck), Native (as it sounds, with attire being a lack of clothing) and Wildlife (yes, you can roleplay an animal!). There's also an Explorer role for those who simply prefer to have the flexibility. Signs warn of RLV traps, although in my experiments I didn't encounter many. Opportunities to contribute support can be found throughout all three sims.

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