12 March 2015


A few days ago, Torley teleported me to Everwinter, a post-apocalyptic theme park created by Lauren Bentham that replaces the previous build on Elven Mist, historic Bentham Forest. And quite a transformation it is: obscured by mist and fog and a sort of sepia-toned atmospheric haze, the theme park has seen better days. Littered with broken rides, broken glass, and, well, broken everything, the build features plenty of places to hang out (dilapidated sofas, a tire swing, rusty ride seats and so on). A few creepy children are out playing, slipping in circles or just eerily standing, many wearing gas masks (and bringing to mind "The Empty Child" episode of Doctor Who, even if coincidental).

Lauren made use of materials from a number of creators, especially some new designs by Jaimy Hancroft — "I wanted to do a build like this for a long time, and when I saw her theme park bits I couldn't resist," she explained — and Jaimy's works happen to be available at the current manifestation of The Arcade. The photogenic Everwinter won't disappear anytime soon: "It's permanent," Lauren assured me. You'll receive some sim rules as you arrive (no face lights, please), and a few tip jars are available in case you'd like to lend support.

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  1. Such an evocative environment - I made a machinima here to focus on the builds Pripyat Amusement park inspiration - the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster of April 26th 1986; Reactor No4