03 March 2015

Small Worlds

Opening today, Tuesday, March 3, at 12:00 pm slt, is Small Worlds by Cica Ghost, a delightful collection of miniatures she has created, based in part on some of her recent sim-wide installations. Framed in cases on small pedestals, each of the small worlds — Little Lake, House on the Hill, Little Village, and then one for each of the four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn — depicts in exquisite detail a little scene: curious landscapes, some with Dr. Suess-like houses and some without, and with animated elements ranging from balloons to cats to snow to ducks in water. (In the lowest image here, I'm standing next to a couple to provide a sense of scale.)

"Sometimes I so want to have land to make something," Cica explains, "but I don't have it. So I thought I could make small lands — I tried to shrink things, and I liked it." And so the small worlds were born. If you zoom in, as I've done in the two middle images here, you can almost imagine the scenes as places into which you could walk. There's an additional world, Our House, that's only on display at Cica's shop, which you can visit here. After this exhibition, the small worlds, each of which is available for L$400 (unfortunately minus the backdrops), might not be available again for some time, as Cica doesn't have the prim space in her store for all of them.

The gallery itself, The Living Room, is new, and is curated by Daallee and Owl (Owl Dragonash), with space contributed by Hippie Bowman, who owns the sim (Lagrange Point Spaceport) on which the gallery resides. All three shared with me their desire to provide a vibrant space for the arts community, and Hippie has some art of his own also on display in another section of the gallery. Small Worlds will remain on display through most of the month of March. And ... I'm also pleased to say that I've had lots of time to watch Cica create a new sim-wide build, and it should open within a matter of days — stay tuned for more on that!


  1. Thank you Ziki your photos are awesome! Cica does such amazing work and her attention to detail is inspiring. Hope to see you at the Opening : )

  2. You're welcome, Owl, and thanks for hosting her work. I should also mention that I'll be posting additional images on my flickr stream: https://www.flickr.com/photos/zikiquesti/

  3. Thank you:) Your photos of Cica's thought provoking miniatures are fabulous. I hope you can make it to the opening:)

  4. I went to opening, and I must say Cica's work is jaw dropping to say the least! You can stand and look at them for hours...such attention to minute details and the animations she's added is equally amazing...I must admit I've been spamming my friends list to get people there! One of the most unique exhibits I've seen in SL! Congrats to CiCa, Daallee and Owl for bringing such inspiring work to SL! Kaijah Chrome