02 March 2015

Hills Gallery

Yesterday, photographer Hills (Hillany Scofield) opened Hills Gallery to showcase her photography, and the initial exhibition is devoted to the male nude, a form seen often enough in SL galleries but perhaps not frequently from the female perspective. Her images, often black and white, delineate the form with eloquence and a great command of light and shadow — they're among her most impressive works. While she had had the thought to focus exclusively on mesh male bodies — most of the images are of her partner, Aran M. June (Aranfell) — two are of Xander Torkelsonn wearing a default system body.

The magnificent gallery is a build by William Weaver, and is probably seen best through its intended environmental setting, Breakwave Building Light (top and bottom images). Part of William's concept with the build was to create an environment around which one would not need to cam to observe the art, but to simply walk through, mirroring a real life experience. So give it a try — you'll find that the artworks are all easily perused by venturing around the space on foot. Hills plans to change exhibitions about once every two months.

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