17 March 2015

The Trace Reopens

Kylie Jaxxon shared this afternoon that she has reopened The Trace, a much beloved sim that has been one of the most visited and photographed by explorers, couples and seekers of solitude. It's a sim that changes with the seasons — with a complete redesign, not just a change of color — and Kylie was just taking the wraps off an autumn version a few months ago when she suddenly announced that exceptional real life circumstances would necessitate an immediate closure.

Happily the sim is now back, and warm temperatures have arrived — "a little reminiscent of the previous summer," says Kylie, but distinctively its own. The beach scene isn't the sort of beach that one sees frequently in Second Life — the common surfing or tropical scenes — but is rather a flat wetlands with marshy areas, where the waves quietly drift in to shore, giving the entire build a calm, meditative look. There are pervasive and haunting cries in the air from the gulls that lazily swoop about, and birds nest in large numbers on the shore.

The center of the island comprises a quaint row of beach houses and cottages; a couple of the inhabitants are out fishing on The Trace's northeast corner. If you're searching for tranquility, this just might fit the bill. Please consider leaving a contribution at the tip jar located near the landing point.

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