31 March 2015


Opening tomorrow, Wednesday, April 1, at 1:00 pm slt, is an exhibition entitled Line by Giovanna Cerise. Installed through the sim Otium (created by Franz Markstein, and about which I've written here), the objects and artworks appear in a variety of environments: in a traditional gallery space, in urban environments (along pathways, through corridors and so on, often blending in seamlessly with their surroundings), on the beach, hidden in the woods, and elsewhere. All the works are available for purchase.

As the title suggests, Giovanna explores the line, perhaps that simplest but most important of artistic gestures, and she demonstrates her remarkable ability to create convincing works in diverse media. Giovanna says of the installation, "Creation of a path-research on the infinite freedom hidden in two-dimensional and three-dimensional size. The line, with its lightness incisive, inspired the transposition of the complexity of the solid structures of some of my work in new areas, expression of pure essentiality."

Giovanna offers supplemental destinations to guide visitors through the sim, and given how much artwork is installed and how many places there are to explore — it's easy to miss things — I would recommend making use of them: Music, Dice, Otium, Sirene and Beach. But you'll certainly also want to wander about, discovering works here and there. Line will remain open indefinitely. While you're visiting, you might find the sim itself highly enjoyable, and, if so, please consider leaving a contribution for its continued support.

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