03 April 2015

My Way of Beauty

Opening today, Friday, April 3, at 10:00 am slt at the dathĂșil gallery, curated by Max Butoh, is an exhibition of recent photography by Yannick Whoa entitled My Way of Beauty. The twenty-eight images, mostly of solo women (some posed, but others seemingly captured on the fly), employ careful lighting, often with introspective results. Unfortunately none of the photos are for sale or visibly titled — I recognized a few faces, such as Lucy (LucyDiam0nd) on the image above to the right, but found myself curious about others.

Yannick says of his works, "What you see here is how I see my world. I look into people's faces and find beauty. As a photographer I'm trying to capture this beauty. Often the mystery of that beauty is in the eyes of the model...For me someone's beauty is always just a mirroring effect of the way someone thinks or feels. So when I see someone beautiful maybe I just see something that touches me and makes me feel for a person. Everyone goes for something. And maybe my idea of beauty isn't even yours." My Way of Beauty will remain on display through the month of April.

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