25 April 2015

France Portnawak: Terracotta

A brilliant ochre style now envelopes the picturesque sim of France Portnawak, which designer and owner Leica Arado has recently transformed into a new theme: Terracotta. (Read about previous incarnations of the sim here and here.) As always, the region is picturesque and affords beautiful views, including some that stretch far out into the waters, where a cabin on stilts awaits travelers. Towering rocks to the north overlook the inland forests and the sandy shores, filled with vibrant orange and deep green.

As beautiful as the landscape is, the many dwellings spotting the landscape, some slightly hidden, are perhaps even more important, as they each tell a story — or, rather, they invite you to tell a story. "Materials, objects, architectural elements are mixed, with objects that allow us to imagine the history of the person who lives there," explained Leica to me. (And here I am roughly translating from the French in which we spoke.) "A music lover, a writer, a traveler, or a house where a seamstress might live...a farmer's house, a (rather humorous) temple [fourth image] without religious connotation, up on the hill. The cabin on stilts [third image] would be inhabited by someone rather passionate about animals. Objects evocative of India, China and Africa are all mixed."

The juxtaposition of elements extends even to the flora, where tropical palms stand side by side with deciduous hardwoods, but it all fits seamlessly. Exploring couples looking for romantic locations will discover quiet spots here and there, and a motorboat provides an extra way of getting around offshore. If you enjoy your trip to France Portnawak, please consider leaving a contribution at the landing point.

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