16 April 2015

Rhapsody in Blue Fractals

Now open at Influence Art Gallery, curated by Yvan Slade, is an exhibition of recent fractal art by Gem Preiz entitled Rhapsody in Blue Fractals. The twenty images, arranged in groups of three with the exception of one duo, are strikingly evocative, suggesting otherworldly environments or fantastic structures, employing a wide range of styles in a predominantly blue-green palette. The title clearly harkens to George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, and the "G" in the composers initials — as well as the artist's name — are reflected in the titles of the pieces: Gravity, enerGy, liGhteninG, emerGence (detail above), Genesis, oriGins, bioloGy, intelliGence, Germination, enGravinG, desiGn, technoloGy, knowledGe, enGineerinG, Grace, Genius, imaGination (detail lowest image), reliGion, kinGdom and heGemony.

Ordinary images in Second Life are restricted to 1024 pixels in either direction, but Gem has managed to stitch multiple 1024x1024 textures together to create each of the fractals, providing a experience of exceptional clarity. Gem shared with me that his personal favorite is imaGination, a fractal of great complexity that suggests some other intelligence, with kinGdom a close second. "I spend my time amazed with the extraordinary detailed patterns of the fractals, as well as their incredible diversity," he explains in the exhibition notes. "I take this opportunity to tell you once again my favorite story: that of the Universe born from stars, which the Time slowly structured until Mankind fills it up with our creations."

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