24 April 2015

Poseidon's Abyss

Now open as part of Fantasy Faire is a sim-wide build by Haveit Neox entitled Poseidon's Abyss, and true to the artist's usual style it's a complex, fantastic and sprawling creation that extends over land and under the sea, with a seemingly endless number of small areas to discover. Several ships, loaded with goods, are ready for sail in the city harbor, but others have smashed or sunken, alerting us to imminent danger.

"The enemy’s superior power can no longer be held off," Haveit's story begins. "The city struggles to save its arts aboard the fleet of living galleons. To protect its valued paintings, music, literature, and all the company of its theater, the ships must sail on the hour if their culture is to survive. But 40 fathoms beneath those waves, Poseidon spies the underbellies of the ships, and readies his own advance for the bounty." And if you sink below the waters, you'll find Poseidon, trident and all, with his army nearby.

Given the short run of Fantasy Faire — only through May 3 — one has precious little time to fully explore Haveit's creation, not to mention the other arts builds. Do take some time while you're there to consider a contribution to the Relay for Life event, which benefits the American Cancer Society. I extend my thanks to the many artists and participants who make the event a reality. If you'd like to see these images on a larger scale, Haveit has created a gallery to house them (and a few others) at around 156, 71, 22 — I'll also be posting them on flickr.

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  1. I have always loved Haveit's worlds, but this one is stunning. Thank you for your wonderful pictures Ziki.