27 April 2015


MadPea's UNIA has been in development for a long time — so long, in fact, that I first visited preliminary builds for UNIA in September, 2013! Way back then, Casja Lilliehook and I were given an extended tour by head pea Kiana Writer, and an article soon followed in the now-defunct AVENUE magazine, as Kiana hoped to open the sim by Halloween that year. Fortunately, UNIA, which is an exceptionally complex game, has finally opened its doors today, featuring contributions from Harter Fall, Electronic Mode, Fae Varriale, Hikaru Yamamoto, RAG Randt, Indigo Lucerne, Arduenn Schwartzman, Fuzz Difference, Gaius Tripsa, Abramelin Wolfe, BlueSean Yiyuan, Bryn Oh, Caer Balogh, Fuschia Nightfire, Jaimy Hancroft, Lindsey Warwick, Rebeca Bashly, Silex Zapedzki, Wildcat Snowpaw, Zachh Barkley, Damien Fate and many others. Although I've had some great opportunities to explore the build over the past couple weeks, I'm going to hold off on a more complete post until I've had time to complete the entire experience, which Kiana tells me will probably take most people ten to twelve hours. To learn more, visit the UNIA website, where you'll find not only background information but also clear instructions on how to make the best of your visit.

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