30 April 2015

Haru to Shura — Yes, Giovanni

On display at entrance, a sim owned by yoshihiro Obolensky that seems to be available for short-term installation space, is Haru to Shura — Yes, Giovanni, an artwork by Yooma Mayo. In this era of all-mesh builds, it's refreshing to see something beautifully created exclusively using traditional prims, even if many components of the artwork were exhibited at Split Screen back in 2013 as Yes, Giovanni (read here). High in the air, two gigantic goldfish overlook a possibly surreal scene of a winding train on which an antique locomotive puffs its way, enormous pink lotus flowers reaching up from the sea, and the skeletal remains of some sea creature filled with metal milk cans.

Yooma tells me that the title refers to the 1927 novel Night on the Galactic Railroad by Kenji Miyazawa, the central character of which is a poor boy, Giovanni, who discovers a train that takes him on a journey through the stars, and possibly into the afterlife. During their travels, Giovanni loses his only close friend, Campanella. "I wanted to build the world of their dreams come true," said Yooma. Haru to Shura — Yes, Giovanni remains on display only through May 10, so be sure to visit soon.

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