10 April 2015


Opening officially on Sunday, April 12 (but actually open as of a few minutes ago as I post this) is a new installation by Cica Ghost entitled Balloons. In a surreal landscape of daisies, fog and twisted buildings, giant wanderers strive to reach their beloved balloons — and a few have managed to grab on, floating up into the air. At the landing point, be sure to get your own inflatable, so that you can join the tall white men as they drift about.

The bedrock island lies largely barren save for fields of gerbera daisies and a lone tree perched near the shore. Toward the center, a group of buildings, surrealistically twisted, bend toward the ground, pulled by giant spider webs and wrapped in dense fog, and we assume that the tall white figures, perhaps reminiscent of Giacometti, have emerged from there to try to catch the balloons that drift overhead. A few dawdle aimlessly, but others climb ladders in an effort to improve their odds.

Replacing the recently-closed Ruins, and in the same location, Balloons is the first build by Cica to make use of mesh, which appears in the balloons, the humanoid figures, the cats and a few other elements. (And she was kind enough to impart some Sculptris skills to this writer in the process!) During the run of Ruins, Cica worked overhead to create the towering white figures, which eventually morphed into the new installation. Balloons should remain up for at least a couple weeks. If you enjoy your visit, please consider leaving a contribution at the landing point.

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