20 March 2015

Misty Second Life

Now open at the SonderBar is an exhibition of photography by WuWai Chun entitled Misty Second Life. The beautiful, etherial images are indeed shrouded in mist, depicting, with a few exceptions, landscapes, waterscapes and cityscapes, captured with the photographer's keen sense of composition and distance. It's a small space, and WuWai has made the most of it, with images not only covering every nook and cranny of wall space, but also the ceiling. All the works are on sale, and proceeds benefit Feed a Smile, a non-governmental organization that helps feed children in Kenya. (If you don't arrive directly at the gallery on your first teleport, trying the landmark a second time or head upstairs and look for the gallery, and know too (if it is of any concern) that the SonderBar is an adult destination that caters to the BDSM lifestyle.)

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