03 December 2015

A Slow Reveal

Now open at the DathĂșil Gallery of Art is an exhibition of works by GoodCross entitled A Slow Reveal. There's much to see in this show of approximately two dozen images, all of which reflect the photographer's ability to portray or seemingly capture an evocative moment in time, with a beautiful sense of light, shadow and composition. Overall, one might wish for larger images, but that's a minor concern.

"Certain moments in our lives become epiphanies," say GoodCross. "I tend to recreate these moments even if they are not from my own personal life. I combine a picture with a song so that they collectively can set a mood for my audience and for that moment they might be connected to me. My hope is that a lifetime collection of these instantaneous mini stories may slowly reveal a bigger picture, a bigger realization and provide a picturesque walk down the memory lane and perhaps relive each memory when a picture was created." The exhibition continues through December 30.


  1. Agree with you Ziki. I visited the opening and a larger size would do more justice to the excellent moods/colors of GoodCross's work.

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  3. Thank you for the post, Ziki. Dido, It's a shame that you make more out of the size of the show and not an educated comment on the content of the show. The same negative comments you made at the opening in local chat for everyone at the opening to see including the artist. This negativity is counter productive to artists who sometimes struggle for acceptance of their work and are mostly introverted. I'm not one to censor people and their opinion, however this was a complete lack of tact and respect to the gallery and the artist. On a technical note, the size of the work is irrelevant since each of us have different monitor sizes and can utilize SL camera controls to have the image fill that screen.

    1. not easy apparently Max to deal with a critical note for a change ;-)
      Educated comment? Huh, I am just honestly expressing what I think about your gallery and the way you present the exhibition (being a curator myself lol). Counter productive to the artist GoodCross nah Max no way. I value the work of GoodCross.