29 December 2015


Now open is Roots from Cica Ghost, the latest installment in her ongoing series of sim-wide creations that adeptly combine playful quirkiness, absurdity, and composition to create delightful immersive environments. True to its title, Roots features, well, roots, and in great abundance — roots of plants, of trees, and of whatever odd things are growing there — and indeed it seems that some of the roots exist entirely on their own.

It's a dark, shadowy world, but not without moments of light and beauty: fields of flowers, colorful balloons adrift in the air (with passengers wanted), and Dr. Suess-like houses that dot the landscape, many precariously positioned on eroding hills delicately held intact by tangled masses of roots. Not to be missed is a fantastic and lugubrious snail that inches its way from the underneath of one rock to another, a house dragged along its back. Visitors to previous builds by Cica will no doubt encounter familiar objects and references.

Although the build's description suggests that the town's inhabitants have disappeared, a closer look reveals that they're actually still about — perhaps shy and curious, poking their faces through the windows of their odd little homes (image below). It's possible to join the residents in their peculiar window-peeking pursuits, because Cica has added poses to most of the homes, and to other parts of the build as well (a tightrope, for example), and many houses accommodate more than one avatar at a time. Contributions to support Roots may be made at the landing point, and selected items will likely be available through the artist's inworld store.

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