15 December 2015


Situated off the coast of Maine, the secluded island of Kingshaven awaits vacationers and tourists, and features a local population of fishermen, lobstermen and longshoremen that provides the central industry. A tidy town of brick row houses and small shops wraps around a central square, while the nearby Independence Inn (lowest image) provides shelter from the cold, rustic landscape that blankets the shores. A few other huts and cabins dot the snowy landscape. (Click on any image to zoom in.)

The native language in this picturesque roleplay sim — "an island for light urban and vacation roleplay," says owner Emilia Winter — is German, but all visitors are welcome. Additional information, including details on possible character roles and scenarios, are available at the sim's website, and readers learn that while the island lacks organized crime, drug offenses and theft are not uncommon. (Kingshaven opened only a few days ago, so roles, jobs and profiles are only beginning to be defined.) Contributions toward the sim's support are welcome at the landing point.

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