28 December 2015


Explorers who haven't visited the picturesque and snowy winter sim of Kaleidoscope should makes plans to do so soon, as owner and designer Krys Vita says that the scene will soon transform into something new. Arrival to the region is at the head of a country road shaded by the arching branches of stately trees, flanked by fenced fields. Traveling westward, one reaches a fork in the road, the left and right paths eventually converging again after gently wrapping around a frozen pond, where free ice skates are available.

The largest structure on the sim is a manor house (pictured above), situated to the right as the road forks, and visitors are invited to enter, gain respite from the cold and snow, and enjoy the furnishings and decor. Far across to the south stands a barn (pictured below), with the space between providing a tranquil grazing area for horses and black face sheep.

Quietly removed from all else is a small church, snugly situated on its own island to the southwest, connected to the rest of the area by means of a covered wooden footbridge. Throughout the region are other points of curiosity and things to see, as well as spots to relax or cuddle with a friend, all probably best explored by foot. Contributions to support Kaleidoscope may be made at the landing point.


  1. Thank you for coming! Beautiful pictures, and I'm glad you enjoyed your visit!

  2. Thank you, Krys, for sharing your place with all of us! :)