08 December 2015

Windlight Winter Art Show and Winter Showcase

Now open and continuing through December 14 is the first annual Windlight Winter Art Show & Winter Showcase, produced by Windlight Magazine, which is published and edited by Johannes1977 Resident. A display of artworks — predominantly photography, reflecting the theme of the magazine — is supported by a number of merchants and sponsored by Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions. Featured artists whose works are on display (and generally for sale) include Bluesrocker Resident, Bryn Oh (work above), Cica Ghost (work below), Dawnbeam Dreamscape, eeraftr resident, Honey Bender, Ilyra Chardin, Inara Pey, Johannes1977 Resident, JudiLynn India, Kayly Iali, Layachi Ihnen, Richie Narstrom, Roffellos resident, Saoirseheart, Skip Staheli (lowest image), Sparkie Cyberstar, Tripleplaynitely, Warm Clarity, Wicca Merlin, and WrenNoir Cerise.

A portion of proceeds from sales and other income at the event will benefit Team Diabetes of Second Life, an official and authorized team of The American Diabetes Association. Featured merchants include Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions, Moonstar, Feyline Fashions, Wiccas Wardrobe, Zuri Rayna Jewelry, Spyralle, Kittycat’s Creations, The House of Avro, An Lema, Park Place Home Décor, Pink Ice Boutique, A Little Bit of Everything by Neck, Jamie Wolf Photography, Potomac Signature Homes, Lyrical B!zarre Templates, [JOH], Hearthaven Photography, Kaerri, and Meshopotomia. Additional information about the show, including a schedule of performances and other special events, is available here.

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