12 December 2015

Bay City Annual Tree Lighting and Concert Fundraiser

Now open for bids as part of the Bay City Annual Tree Lighting and Concert Fundraiser, organized by Marianne McCann and others in the Bay City community, is a silent auction featuring a number of items that will be of interest to arts patrons and collectors — among them an offer from Bryn Oh that awards to the highest bidder any ten of her sculptures or two of her "steampunk Rudolphs," which she described to me as "fun for me to make." Other artists whose work is featured include Cica Ghost, Livio Korobase, Haveit Neox, and Eupalinos Ugajin; creators such as Cory Edo, Pamela Galli, and Flutter Memel made contributions as well. Several creators have made items that are available exclusively at the auction. The festivities start at 1 pm SLT on Sunday, December 13, with performances by Christov Kohnke and Grace McDunnough, DJing by GoSpeed Racer, ice skating and the tree lighting, continuing until the close of the auction at 4.

The current list of contributors (which may change with the addition of a few people) includes:
ADudeNamed Anthony - '47 Cruiser
Awesome Fallen - Xmas Getting Through
Ayame Kintsugi - Christmas Cactus
Benjamin Wahl - Out of Order and Magic Morning
Bryn Oh - Gift card for ten sculptures or two steampunk Rudolphs
Cica Ghost - Cica's Christmas Tree
Cory Edo - L$10,000 gift card to Trompe Loeil
Eupalinos Ugajin - Rooster Helmet
Flutter Memel - L$2,500 gift card to Flowey
Haveit Neox - Deer Night Light
Hyacinth Tiramisu - Silent Sparrow 'zillas
Kinnaird - Evergram by Ever Dreamscape
Livio Korobase - Eugenio
Merlin527 - To Boldly Go
Moriko Inshan - Two dozen red roses from Hayana
MsLaBelle Mistwallow - Dolls
Owl Dragonash - The Far Away
Pamela Galli - Four prize packages from La Galleria
Persey Garcia - L$500 in gift cards to Little Llama
Pinco Janus - Ten outfits from Babele Fashion
Pygar Bu - Blimp
Robin Sojourner - Bay City holiday ornaments
Sanura Snowpaw - L$4,000 in gift cards to Somnia + gacha rares
Siris Vulpeca - Laminar Cub Super Pack (plus paint by Marianne McCann)
Strawberry Singh - L$1,500 gift card to Strawberry Singh Photography
Trinity Yazimoto - Antigravity
Zen Zarco - L$2,000 in gift cards to Boogers
Ziki Questi - Davis Gulf Lighthouse and Pumping Station Number One

Proceeds from the auction will support Child's Play Charity, which "seeks to improve the lives of children in hospitals and domestic violence shelters through generosity and kindness of the video game industry and the power of play." "Ever Dreamscape and I started the silent auction," Marianne explained. "We were picky, and wanted a charity with a very low overhead, one where we felt our money would go the farthest." (Rachel Seelowe attends the auction in the physical world and will deliver the check to the charity from this event.) Again, bidding closes on Sunday, December 13 at 4 pm SLT. I extend my personal thanks to the several artists and creators who very kindly contributed items at my request, and to Kinn, who invited me (and many others, too) to participate.

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