14 March 2016

Follow Your Bliss

Explorers who might wish to revisit their summer childhoods will enjoy a visit to Follow Your Bliss, designed by Elizabeth (Elizabeth Nantes). Or at least revisiting one's childhood seems like a strong possibility: as I spoke with Elizabeth, she said, "When I verbalize it, I think it sounds a little too nostalgic, but the best way to describe it is that endless summer in the country in childhood — bright sun, swimming, nothing on your mind other than finding another cool place to sit and watch the sky. I think that's why I ended up with so many swings!" And, at the same moment, in another IM, my partner Kinn independently exclaimed, "It is very like my childhood!"

Although she considers the sim a continual work in progress, Elizabeth put the final touches on the current iteration several days ago. A series of about nine islands, some connected by bridges or walkways, and each distinctive and unique, fill the otherwise ocean-filled region. The largest piece of land, positioned toward the eastern edge of the sim, rises most prominently from the shoreline, its rocky sides covered with lush vegetation, while the low-lying islands variously feature beaches or vibrant fields of flowers. Furnished houses and structures dot the islands, all open to visitors.

Additional creative contributions to Follow Your Bliss were made by Kazu Koray. "He's been a great help," commented Elizabeth. "I shared my vision, and he shared his vast inventory." Photographers will find many opportunities for both for landscape shots and posed images. (Places to sit or cuddle abound, and rez rights are available through joining the land group.) Contributions in support of the sim may be left at the landing point.

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