23 March 2016


Now open is Strawberryland by Cica Ghost, the latest in an ongoing series of sim-wide installations filled with the artist's inventive playfulness. In place of a traditional land description, she settled for a joke — "Q: Why were the little strawberries upset? A: Because their parents were in a jam!" And indeed, strawberry vines are everywhere in this build, covering just about every foot of land, the bright red fruit standing out against the green leaves and the periwinkle-orange sky.

Visitors will quickly discover that there's something different about scale at Strawberryland — ordinary avatars are about the size of mice, wandering through giant vines, encountering cats, hens and a rooster, geese, and a population of friendly-looking oversized residents engaged in activities that range from testing paint colors on a wall to hanging laundry. In the image above, Kinn and I look up toward a giant yellow tricycle. "I was thinking how this is actually some genetic modification," Cica half-jokingly commented as I watched her build the sim.

It's a windy island, to be sure, as witnessed by wildly blowing hair (two images below), balloons that threaten to pull from their strings, flowers swirling in the breeze, a windblown wood carving, and even a delightful miniature "wind house" located at the landing point. Be sure to click on objects, as many contain poses and animations: dance on a chicken, get stuck in a car window, hang on a ladder, or become one with a strawberry.

Cica is an artist who works quickly when she gains a spark of inspiration — only a week ago, she remarked to me, "I just made a strawberry field — I am thinking it could be a sim," and she subsequently purchased the region on Sunday. If you enjoy your visit to Strawberryland, please consider leaving a contribution to support Cica's continued work, or visit her store, a landmark to which can be had at the landing point.

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