17 March 2016

The Bridge of Quests

A few years ago, artist and master builder Haveit Neox, while designing his striking Port of Sparquerry (about which you can read more here), invited me to install a series of images along a bridge (image above). The upper parts of the Port were intended to be emotionally hopeful and less disturbing that the lower areas, so I selected some serene landscape images, all of which happened by chance to be water sims. Haveit then gave the long rickety walkway, with some humor, the name The Bridge of Quests.

In the ensuing years, I've taken many images of Haveit's installations, and recently decided to refresh the photographs that line the bridge with some that depict his own works. So now there are eight fresh photos (most of which have been displayed inworld before) that are probably more in keeping with overall feel of the sim, and I'll likely rotate these over time as well.