08 March 2016


Now open as the inaugural exhibition at The Good Days Gallery, curated by GoodCross, is Immersed by Hills (Hillany Scofield), "an exhibition about the duality of being an insular," as the artist states. Around the walls, monochromatic images depict clusters of nude female mannequin-like figures, grouped in each photo in similar poses or actions with the exception of one nonconforming individual. The mannequins themselves (created by Carrie Snowpaws) are present in the gallery, and guide us into the space in a beautiful gesture (image above). Several additional photographs, in full color, rotate overhead.

"We find safety, community and acceptance, but we also stumble, fall, feel trapped and isolated. So what do we do?" asks Hills in her artistic statement. "We break out, we question ourselves, we go back with the flow. Or we try to dance away the pain." All of the images are available for purchase, and contributions in support of The Good Days Gallery itself are welcomed. Immersed will continue on display for approximately three weeks; GoodCross plans to rotate exhibitions at the new gallery on a monthly basis.

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