01 March 2016

The Mill

Designers Maxie Daviau and Shakespeare (Skinnynilla) have managed to pack many different environments into their sim The Mill, an island that offers numerous picturesque opportunities and places to relax. Its namesake, the mill, rests on the southeastern corner on its own tiny island connected by two footbridges to fields of wheat and bluebells. Further to the north on the eastern edge of the island is a small bay (home to a pier and a sloop) and a corner of sandy beach (image below — click on any to zoom in).

The western side of the sim is by contrast rocky and hilly, anchored by a charming lighthouse to the northwest. To the south on this side are some ancient stone ruins (image below), including the remains of an old chapel, which quietly overlook the scene below, including a grove of trees, a home with smoke curling from the chimney (lowest image), and a greenhouse. Footpaths and dirt roads connect many of these destinations.

The structures, including the lighthouse and mill, are all handsomely furnished within and open to the public. Couples and solo explorers will find various places to sit or lie and survey the view. Contributions toward the support of The Mill may be left near the landing point.

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