29 February 2016

Black & White

Open for a limited time is a chess-themed space called Black & White, designed by Charlie Namiboo and Frislanda Ferraris. (Teleport up to the build from the landing point on the ground.) True to its name, the captivating space is primarily black and white, reflective of the chess boards and pieces, with the exception of a large clock and some overhead mirrors that shine light down onto the installation. Originally designed as a creative dance floor for an event, Black & White is situated over Club Bohannon.

"I am running a club with friends and my master of building, Frislanda Ferraris," explained Charlie. "Last week, we had a fantastic event called Black & White, and a lot of people asked us to let the location open and available for the possibility to take pics there or just visit it." Photographers will no doubt enjoy exploring the environment, which will remain accessible for about a month.

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