17 February 2016


Sometimes, less is more. At Sorrow, designers Voshie Paine and Dizzy Sparrow have achieved remarkable results on and around a snow-covered rocky island that thrusts up from the sea, employing only a few trees, a handful of exterior decor items, a pack of dogs, a modest stone tower and a striking environmental setting. Shooting stars shine down from a night sky onto this ethereal scene bathed in violet and amethyst.

The mirror-like surface of the water, including the oil-like ripples that seep into the harbor, encourages use of the highest (life-like) settings. Sojourners will be find some respite from the cold inside the stone tower, the interior of which is decorated and offers places of repose. Landscape photographers will take delight in this beautifully lonely region.


  1. Definitely have to visit this place:icy beauty
    Thanks so much for sharing all these interesting sims and for the lovely images Ziki
    dikke kus

  2. Thanks for your kind comment, and you're very welcome.