22 February 2016

Harvey Memorial Ensemble ALS Awareness Music Festival

Organized by Sniper Siemens, Elettra Beardmore, Kristine Blackadder and Terrygold Resident, the Harvey Memorial Ensemble ALS Awareness Music Festival is a charity event, now underway, designed to raise general awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a horrifying disease also commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. (On a personal note, I lost a family member to ALS several years ago.) The festival is named in memory of Harvey22 Albatros. Throughout the week, a series of live performers and djs will present music that can be enjoyed in a large stadium area (oddly, with a disquieting faux-security checkpoint), and the performance schedule is posted prominently on the side of the space.

Four prominent artists have contributed artwork that is now up for auction: Byrn Oh (top image), Mistero Hifeng (immediately above), Kicca Igaly (image below) and Solkide Auer. In Bryn's case, her contribution (a dead bird wrapped by string, entitled To Dad, love Bryn) is very personal: her father lost his life to ALS, and Bryn has written a touching post on her blog. The events and auction conclude on February 28.

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