16 February 2016


Now open for intrepid explorers is Imesha, a fabulous futuristic creation by Shaman Nitely and Ime Poplin. A complex city constructed on several interlocking levels, Imesha is filled with bright colors and movement everywhere — flashing billboards, spinning lights, and illumination that constantly travels through the space. (These images, showing the default environmental setting, don't quite convey the experience.) And everywhere one looks is something to see or someplace to venture: this is a delightfully dense build that requires time to fully investigate.

"We just wanted to make a futuristic place — happy looking, with colours and lights — for a private home, to begin with," Ime said of her creative work with Shaman. "So we just started to lay out some roads, and then it just came along this way. The two of us work really well together, so we didn't really have a plan other than we wanted it to be a home for us. Also, it's a homestead, which means we had to push it to the limit here — it shows what you can actually do with 3750 prims."

Although it's possible to fly, visitors will probably have a richer experience by sticking to the ground and traveling on foot — otherwise it's too easy to zoom by some of the many small spaces and corridors. A teleport system at the landing point can take you to various locations, including an arcade, a diner, a park (of sorts!), a skatepark club, a pool and other areas. Couples will find places to dance and cuddle throughout the build.

The scenery is not devoid of nature — trees, plants and grasses are actually commonplace, picking up the rich hues of the surrounding environment. Imesha is also home to a couple of gallery spaces at which artworks by Ime are on display. "My hobby," she explained. "Mostly on the computer – Wacom pad and pen — but I also do oil paintings. Lots of inspiration here from Second Life." Please consider leaving a contribution toward the sim's support if you enjoy your visit.

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