11 February 2016

The Yorkshire Moors

Inspired by her physical world home — "the flawless, bleak Yorkshire landscape" — designer PinkRayne has created The Yorkshire Moors, echoing the quiet and simple beauty of the location in northeastern England bordering the North Sea. Encompassing nearly a full sim, the bleak but haunting landscape invites us to explore along a quietly meandering path that winds its way across a stream and through tall grasses and clusters of trees. While it's possible explore by foot, one can also grab a bicycle upon arrival.

Water surrounds the moors on all sides, and a tall lighthouse stands at the southeast corner, a windmill by its side. Elsewhere, various small structures and many animals (dogs, deer, sheep, ducks, weasels, goats, butterflies, even a peacock) appear on the scene. It's possible at many vantage points to see clear across the sim, and couples will find several locations to cuddle or dance as they take in the expansive views.

Shown in these images is the sim's default environmental setting, a mysteriously atmospheric grey-green. The Yorkshire Moors is also home to PinkRayne's retail store, Rayne Couture, which is situated at the landing point for the moors, and where one can also find an opportunity to leave a contribution toward the sim's support.