21 February 2016

Spring in Furillen

Explorers who visited the sim Furillen during its snowy debut (read more here from November 2015) will experience a new sight if they return: spring has arrived. Here, the seasonal change brings with it the appearance of perhaps an arid climate, and might at first remind those who knew Anita Witt's Dryland of that stark but beautiful landscape. In the case of the real world Furillen, it would seem its desolate landscape is more owing to its previous existence as a limestone quarry, rendering it something of an industrial wasteland.

Be sure to have your local sounds turned up, as wildlife, newly arriving with the change in the season, includes a number of songbirds and a woodpecker. The buildings and structures are much as they were, but creator Serene Footman often makes subtle changes to their contents (or other things around the sim), so visitors should habitually investigate both inside and outside spaces. The sim's default environmental setting, shown here, bathes the scene in a glowing but muted grey-green light.

Enthusiasts will want to keep abreast of developments at Furillen with the sim's very active and lively blog, which features news about upcoming events (including occasional art exhibitions and photography contests), examples of some of the outstanding photography emanating from the sim, and information on the physical world Furillen. Photographers will delight in revisiting the familiar but altered, and still austere, expansive landscape.

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