26 February 2016

Art at the Park

Now open at the Holly Kai Art at the Park exhibition space, bordering the Blake Sea and curated by Inara Pey, is a group show featuring works by two-dimensional artists GoodCross, Hana Hoo, Io Bechir and Sisse Singh, and three-dimensional artist Mistero Hifeng. Mistero's striking sculptures, some familiar and some new, are elegantly distributed throughout the park and can be seen as one ventures through the two-dimensional galleries.

The photographs are all available for sale; collectors interested in works by Mistero are provided with a landmark to his store. Visitors to this natural outdoor setting may enjoy exploring other parts of Holly Kai, including Inara's own gallery on the northeast corner of the sim. The show will remain on display until Sunday, April 10.


  1. Thank you, Ziki. Glad you were able to visit.

    I'd just like to point out that the location of my studio space is, more importantly, the home of the Holly Kai Art Garden which features monthly art exhibitions by one or two artists.

    Drw is currently displaying his collection of Dutch Masters, and March will see Derry McMahon and Bear Silvershade exhibiting. All things being equal, Silas Merlin will be joining us in April.