16 March 2016

The Trace - March 2016

The Trace, Kylie Jaxxon's seasonal sim, has just reopened, emerging from winter with a stunning new immersive environment co-created with designer Elvira Kytori, and it's certainly the most impressive Trace to have appeared in the ongoing series. Everywhere are scenic views, panoramic vistas and beautiful details that will delight explorers, photographers and couples alike.

This new iteration of The Trace comprises two large islands separated by a deep watercourse: the first, toward the northwest and L-shaped, features beaches at its extremities, and it wraps slightly around the second island, situated toward the southeast, which offers a beach along its western edge and a weathered lighthouse (top image) toward the southeast. Elsewhere, the shorelines are rocky and craggy, often with steep drops into sea. Here and there are various homes and structures, many of which offer opportunities for poses.

The islands are connected by an impressive arched stone bridge (best visible in the lowest image — click on any photo to zoom in) that stands tall over the churning waters below. The land itself, on both islands, is heavily covered with herbaceous growth — to the southeast, expansive fields of violet and lilac wildflowers carpet the ground, while toward the northwest the earth is swept with tall grasses and yellow and white blossoms (second image).

Everywhere, one hears the evocative cries of gulls, the chattering songs of garden birds, the quiet distant ringing of a buoy bell, wind chimes, and waves crashing against the rocks, creating a soundscape that is integral to the experience and is very much an equal partner to the landscape. Shown in these images is the sim's default environmental setting that suggests a calm early morning. Contributions in support of The Trace may be left at garbage barrels on both islands.


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words and visit...hope you had fun <3

    1. You're welcome, and thanks for sharing your sim with the community.